Bandai announces release of WonderSwan color

Tokyo - August 30, 2000-- Bandai is pleased to announce it will release WonderSwan Color, the next generation successor of its popular hand-held gaming system WonderSwan, on 9 December 2000. WonderSwan Color will go on sale at toy stores and other retailers across Japan at a recommended retail price of 6,800 yen.

Four software titles are scheduled for release at the same time as the new WonderSwan: FINAL FANTASY (Square), GUNPEY EX (Bandai), RHYME RIDER Kerorikan (Bandai) and Digimon Adventure (Bandai). A commemorative package including FINAL FANTASY and WonderSwan Color is also planned. By the end of December 9 titles will be available, while Gundam and twenty-one more titles will be released in color by March 2001.

Bandai forecasts sales of 1.2 million WonderSwan Color units by March 2001, making a total of 2.9 million WonderSwan units shipped since the system was first released in March 1999. In the future Bandai plans development of a multi-purpose memory card, advances towards full utilization of UBS cable connection potential and conceptual expansion towards an information communications system.

WonderSwan Color Features

  • A 2.8 inch screen that can display a possible 4,096 colors and up to 241 colors simultaneously, allowing for top quality gaming animation.
  • Backwards compatibility with any original WonderSwan game (will display in 8 shade monochrome)
  • Capable of extended functionality with the Mobile WonderGate from NTT DoCoMo Inc., which allows the unit to be used as a mobile terminal, WonderWave for remote linking to Play Station and Play Station 2, WonderBorg insect robot programming interface and the software development kit WonderWitch
  • Connectability with Headphone Adapter, Link Cable and Battery Pack
  • Shares the sleek WonderSwan design which has proven so popular with teenagers and young adults in their 20s: palm-sized (74.3x128x24.3mm) and ultra-lightweight (95g). One AA battery provides up to 20 hours of play, and is capable of both horizontal and vertical play formats

WonderSwan Color Game Software

Name (provisional) Genre Release Price Company
GUNPEY EX Action Puzzle 9 December 2,980 yen * Bandai
RHYME RIDER Kerorikan Sound Action 9 December 3,980 yen * Bandai
FINAL FANTASY Role Playing Game 9 December 4,800 yen * Square
FINAL FANTASY WonderSwan Pack Role Playing Game 9 December 9,999 yen * Bandai
Dokodemo Hamster 3 Odekake SAFFRAN Communication early December 3,800 yen BEC
Sorobangu Puzzle December 3,980 yen Kaga Tech
Digimon Adventure 2-D-ONE tamer's Role Playing Game 9 December 3,980 yen Bandai
Another Heaven -- Memory of those days Adventure December 4,200 yen Omega Micott
Character simulation game January 4,500 yen * Bandai Visual
Senkaiden 2|from the TV animation series Senkaiden Houshin Engi Role Playing Game December 4,500 yen Bandai
TERRORS 2 Novel Role Game December 3,980 yen * Bandai
Mobile Suit GUNDAM Vol. 1 ~ SIDE7 ~ Adventure Simulation January 4,500 yen * Bandai
Namco WonderClassic Sports January 4,500 yen Bandai
With You Digital novel adventure January 4,800 yen Sharuraku
GUILTY GEAR PETIT Fight January To be decided * Sammy
FLASH KOIBITO KUN Action Puzzle February 3,800 yen Koubunsha
Dark Eyes BATTLE GATE Simulation RPG February 4,500 yen Bandai
Space Battleship Yamato Simulation February 4,500 yen Bandai
(Tentative) SD Gundam Legend: Warrior`s Version Action Role Playing Game February 3,980 yen Bandai
(Tentative) SD Gundam Legend: Knight Version Action Role Playing Game February 3,980 yen Bandai
Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overload RPG March 4,500 yen Bandai
Pocket Doraemon Communication March 4,500 yen Bandai

* only available for WonderSwan Color

WonderSwan Color Distribution System

Bandai is also pleased to announce that it will continue its relationship with [Happy Net] for the distribution of WonderSwan Color consoles, and with Beam Entertainment and [Happy Net] Group for distribution of game software.

WonderSwan's sleek, compact design and extensive catalogue of 105 game titles has supported sales of 1.55 million units since its release on 4 March 1999. Teenagers form the core group of users, with the average user age considerably

WonderSwan Color Specifications

Release date: 9 December 2000
Price: 6800 yen (not including tax)
Dimensions: 74.3 x 128 x 24.3 mm (with AA battery)
74.3 x 128 x 17.5 mm (with rechargeable battery, sold separately)
Weight: 95g (without battery)
Power: 1 AA battery or rechargeable battery (sold separately)
CPU: 16-bit at 3.072 MHz
LCD: 2.8" FSTN reflective
224 x 144 RGB resolution
4,096 possible colors, 241 simultaneous colors
Sound: 4 channel digital stereo
Cassette capacity: ROM/FLASHROM up to 512 Mbit
RAM up to 512 Mbit
EEPROM up to 32 Kbit
Body colors: Crystal Blue, Crystal Black, Crystal Orange, Pearl Blue, Pearl Pink
Other: Mobile WonderGate function via earphone/communications jack
WonderWave (1,500 yen, tax not included)
WonderBorg (12,000 yen, tax not included)
WonderWitch (16,800 yen, tax not included)

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