Tiger Robo-Chi Pets™ Arrive at McDonald's? February 23
Happy Meal? Event to Feature Newest Cyber-Pal, Chirpy-Chi

OAK BROOK, ILL. (February 20, 2001) -- Pint-sized interactive versions of Poo-Chi™ , one of the year's hottest and most critically acclaimed interactive toys, will be joined by new pals Meow-Chi™ and Chirpy-Chi™ at McDonald's in a new Happy Meal event beginning February 23. The event gives consumers the chance to collect -- for the first-time -- miniature versions of the complete Robo-Chi Pets™ line.

Poo-Chi, introduced by Tiger Electronics, Ltd. last spring, is a robotic toy pup that has a moving head, ears, legs and mouth. It can stand, sit and dance on its tiptoes, and senses light, sound and touch. The company's 2001 line extensions include: Meow-Chi, a toy cat that was introduced to consumers in November 2000; and newcomer Chirpy-Chi, a toy bird that will make its debut in McDonald's Happy Meals and at retail stores simultaneously.

McDonald's Robo-Chi Pets Happy Meal toys will feature four Poo-Chi's, two Meow-Chi's, and two Chirpy-Chi's. One dog will be featured each week along with either a cat or a bird. Each toy design is available in four different color variations, making for a total of 32 interactive Happy Meal toys to collect. The robotic cyber-pets each perform one trick and interact with each other as well as Tiger's toy versions.

  • The Poo-Chi's will bark when you clap, lay down when you put the bone near his nose, light his heart shaped eyes when you give him his bone, or dance on his tip toes;
  • Meow-Chi's eyes will light up when he gets a fish, his paws will move up and down, his tail will wag, or he'll spin around when you give him his fish;
  • Chirpy-Chi's will sing when you put his worm near his chest, or he'll flap his wings and nod when you put his seed cup near him.
"McDonald's and Tiger Electronics are committed to delivering fun, high-end toys that are on the cutting edge," said R.J. Milano, vice president, McDonald's U.S. marketing. "We've had a tremendous response to our other interactive, electronic toys, and we're especially pleased by the opportunity to introduce Chirpy-Chi to our customers in tandem with the retail launch."

The promotion marks the third time that McDonald's has teamed up with Tiger Electronics. The 1999 McDonald's Furby Happy Meal promotion, one of the company's "Top Ten" Happy Meal promotions of all time, came just after Tiger launched Furby?, which ranked one of the country's hottest retail toys of 1998. The companies teamed up again last year when McDonald's took the lead and introduced Tiger HitClips? Micro Music System with its Summer Music Event prior to the product's retail release. HitClips went on to become one of Tiger's best selling tech toys.

"McDonald¡¯s has a strong history of working with many great basketball athletes including Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, and I¡¯m honored to continue that legacy," said Bryant, guard for the 2000 World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. "This relationship just made great sense for me. Not only am I a big fan of McDonald¡¯s food, but I share in McDonald¡¯s passion for supporting community efforts, especially with respect to kids."

"Our partnership with McDonald's has been a true win-win for both companies," said Roger Shiffman, chief executive officer and president of Tiger Electronics. "We're delighted to be teaming up once again with McDonald's to deliver some of our newest, most innovative line extensions to young consumers through their Happy Meal program."

The Robo-Chi Pets Happy Meal promotion will be available from February 23 through March 22, 2001 at participating McDonald's restaurants nationwide while supplies last. It will be supported by national television advertising developed by Leo Burnett Co., Hispanic television advertising by del Rivero Messiano Advertising, and African-American radio and print advertising by Burrell Advertising - Chicago.

McDonald's is the world's largest foodservice retailer, with more than 28,000 restaurants serving over 45 million people each day in 120 countries. Approximately 85 percent of McDonald's U.S. restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees.

Tiger Electronics, Ltd., a division of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) leads the industry in technology-driven entertainment and lifestyle products for the whole family. Tiger's core brands, products and licensed properties include: Furby®, Talkboy*, Hitclips*, Yahoo!, e-Fortunes*, No Limits Games*, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire*, Wheel of Fortune*, Jeopardy!*, Star Wars®, NASCAR®, WCW/NWO®, Winnie the Pooh®, Franklin the Turtle* and many more.

© 2001 McDonald's Corporation
© 2001 Tiger Electronics

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